Current Projects

Sexual and Reproductive Health Content Creation by Healthcare Providers and Educators

I am interviewing healthcare providers and educators who create and share sexual and reproductive health content on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Participants discuss motivations behind content creation, professionalization and social media, and difficulties related to content moderation and stigmatized health topics.

Equitable Content Moderation

I am a Graduate Student Research Assistant on Dr. Oliver Haimson’s NSF Career Award project “Toward Equitable Social Media Content Moderation for Marginalized Individuals and Communities.” I am particularly interested in algorithmic folk theories, shadowbanning, algorithmic resistance, and content moderation’s impacts on health information.

Past Projects

Community Health Access Initiative (CHAI) LGBTQIA+ Health Resources

I worked with collaborators from the University of Michigan School of Information and the University of Michigan School of Public Health’s Community Health Access Initiative to develop the LGBTQIA+ Midwest Health Resources website. I led interviews and design sessions with LGBTQIA+ young people to understand their health information needs and develop the website.

Collaborative Design of Sex Education Zines

I received a Rackham Public Scholarship Grant with the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) for the project “Collaborative Design of Sex Education Zines.” Members of MOASH’s Youth Advisory Councils completed the INClued: Inclusive Healthcare training and then will create zines about sex education topics often absent from school curricula.

Youth Education Access and HIV

I was a Project Consultant with MOASH for the Youth Education and HIV (YEAH) National Library of Medicine-funded project. We held focus groups with Michigan youth about finding information on HIV/AIDS and used findings to develop trainings for youth, community partners, and healthcare providers.

Women, Education, and Leadership at Rutgers

As a Graduate Metadata Specialist in collaboration with Kayo Denda, Head of the Margery Somers Foster Center, and Meaghan Moody, Immersive Technology Librarian, we created the Women, Education, and Leadership at Rutgers online portal. The portal is a collection of interviews, videos, and digital projects documenting the history of women’s education at Rutgers University.

Documenting the LGBTQ+ Past in Virginia

As a Research Fellow with the William & Mary LGBTQ+ History Project, I conducted oral histories with LGBTQ+ alumni of the College of William& Mary to document the history and trace the experiences of LGBTQ+ students at the university. I was mentored by Dr. Leisa Meyer.

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