Hello! I’m a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan School of Information working on my PhD in Information and advised by Dr. Oliver Haimson

My current research interests include LGBTQIA+ health, information seeking, social media content moderation.

Email me: delmonac@umich.edu

Follow me on Twitter: @delmonster_mash

Recent Updates

Publication in the Journal of LGBT Youth

I published ““Nothing that I was specifically looking for”: LGBTQ + youth and intentional sexual health information seeking” in the Journal of LGBT Youth with Dr. Oliver Haimson. An interview about the article’s findings can be found here.

Interning at MSR Social Media Collective

I will intern at Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective with Dr. Tarleton Gillespie. My research with SMC will explore healthcare providers and educators who create and share social media content about sexual and reproductive health.

Received Rackham Public Scholarship Grant

I received the Rackham Public Scholarship Grant to work with the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) on our project “Collaborative Design of Sex Education Zines.”

CSCW Best Paper Honorable Mentions

Two papers I co-authored at CSCW 2021 received Honorable Mention Awards for Best Paper:

Disproportionate Removals and Differing Content Moderation Experiences for Conservative, Transgender, and Black Social Media Users: Marginalization and Moderation Gray Areas” *

Algorithmic Folk Theories and Identity: How TikTok Users Co-Produce Knowledge of Identity and Engage in Algorithmic Resistance

*Also received a Recognition for Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion

Email me: delmonac@umich.edu

Follow me on Twitter: @delmonster_mash